Import/Export Licenses are the permissions or licenses required for doing commercial enterprise with corporations/businesses which might be found in other nations. I.E. To import international goods within your united states or the export local items to worldwide markets, you need import or export license.

The Import license is a license that permits a merchant to acquire a predefined amount of precise merchandise amid a predetermined duration (commonly twelve months). Import licenses are applied (1) as a way for confining outpouring of outside coins to enhance a state's equalization of installments role; (2) to manipulate phase of risky things, as an example, explosives, weapons, and sure materials; or (3) to shield the home enterprise from the foreign competition.

Export License is an export manage permit/file issued by using a central authority or the appointed enterprise to display screen the export of sensitive innovations, (as an example, propelled PC chips, encryption-decoding programming), denied substances (pills, genetically altered vegetation), dangerous substances (explosives, radioactive materials), important materials (uranium, advanced compounds), or products hard to discover within the domestic commercial enterprise region (foodstuffs, crude substances).

In India, import and export is governed by the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act of 1992 and Export-Import (EXIM) Policy.

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